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Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

It is through us that the world sees that God is alive. The Lord is still doing it today, but it is us who are not paying attention. We are not aware of the Grace that God grants us to be His people.

Question from Sister Déborah Mukunayi: Can one receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit without feelings?

The prophet said that it was possible but we have to see in the Holy Scriptures what it is. Our assurance is the Word of God. We have many teachings rooted in us but they are not biblical. Brother Branham is a prophet at the same stage as Moses and Elijah. We must ask ourselves, what is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Acts 1:4-8 / Acts 2:1-4

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a power from above. When the Holy Spirit comes into you, there is a reaction! It is a power that has an effect in you. You can't say you have a child without having had the pregnancy. You remember that day when you gave birth, it marks you.

Ephesians 1:13

When you believe in God, that's justification. Then comes sanctification and finally, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Brother Julliard's question: If Brother Branham is of the same order as Elijah or Moses, and it is also often said that Brother Branham is the Mouth of God, then when Brother Branham says something, it is as if God has spoken?

Matthew 17:1-5

The voice in the cloud is the Voice of God. The Mouth of God is Jesus Christ. God did not say to listen to Elijah or Moses but to Jesus. When we abandon the Bible, we get lost, we go astray. God acts in a special way with His servants. God used Moses and Elijah in particular. "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the day of the Lord comes, a great and dreadful day. "(Malachi 4:5) This was said when? Before Jesus came on the scene.

Malachi 4:5-6

God is not a God of confusion. Brother Branham is not Elijah. Elijah is a person, he did his time and left.

Luke 1:13-17

John was baptized with the Holy Spirit in his mother's womb when she met Mary who was pregnant with Jesus. This is not Elijah but the spirit of Elijah. Moses was important because he wrote the Bible so that we could know and read the Bible. "For the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. "(John 1:17) The law, the Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament.

Hebrews 1:1-2

Revelation 1:1

All the prophets always had the "Thus saith the Lord" but in the New Testament Jesus says "Verily, verily". You hear the truth, but until there is a shock in you, you cannot receive it. You listen but you do not receive. "Neither do we put new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the skins will break, the wine will spill out, and the skins will be lost; but we put new wine into new skins, and the wine and the skins will be preserved. "(Matthew 9:17) It is always the Word that confirms all things. Brother Branham is recognized as a prophet because he is mentioned in Malachi. For some people, Brother Branham is the forerunner of the second coming of Christ, so the Message must be preached with the brochures. But what is the Message?

Acts 26:15-16

The Lord showed him precisely what He was going to do with him. Many preach with their understandings, their deductions. Man does not like the truth, he wants to keep his habits. When God has not called you, you only care about being famous. You make a lot of noise to be seen. When you have received Christ, and God has sent you, you don't try to make noise. You are quiet because you know who sent you. God does a lot in our midst, let us have respect for the things of God.


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