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Sunday ,June 7th, 2020 

He is and remains the supreme authority. When He says it comes to pass. So we are grateful because He laid His eyes on us. Hezekiah sought the Face of the Lord, he prayed to God not for glory on earth or for riches, but he recognized the grace of praising this God.

“The living, the living, this is the one who praises you, like me today (Isaiah 38:19)". I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears. Behold, I will add to your life fifteen years. (Isaiah 38: 5) He has ears and He hears. We cannot understand and realize the grace that we have. Angels can't even look to God to praise Him, but we pray to Him and He listens. God has testified His love to the world and He has given His Word. No one will be able to say “we did not know”. Men, the world celebrates Christmas, they know that the Son of God has come to earth. All the gods that men have formed, one day they descended into the tomb. Only one has His tomb empty, Jesus Christ. He is risen, He is our God. He is our Lord and our personal Savior. “But to all who received him, to those who believe in his name, he gave power to become children of God. (John 1:12) If we live, we live for Him.

Luke 14: 25-27

In these special times, when churches have closed, preachers who love crowds to preach have found themselves helpless. You had to preach in empty churches. It is not the crowd that the Lord seeks, but "where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them. (Matthew 18:20)" Likewise, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven for a single sinner who repents, than for ninety-nine righteous who do not need repentance. ”(Luke 15:17) If you preach to one person who gives their heart to Christ, Glory to God! The way of seeing God is different from the human vision. We have learned during this time, we want to act and do according to God's vision. Nicodemus recognized that Jesus was a man of God. When you are a son of God, you recognize the thing of God because it touches the inside, the soul. Jesus did not stop at the praise but He saw the interior of Nicodemus. When you're a hypocrite, God knows it. When Peter had the revelation, Jesus told him “you are happy” but there to Nicodemus, He said to him “Unless a man is born again”.

John 3: 1-10

Jesus pointed this out because He saw Nicodemus empty inside. When you are not spiritual, you cannot access the deep things of God. Revelation is the exact thought behind the Word expressed. The revelation comes from the Author of the Word. “When the Comforter comes, whom I will send to you on behalf of the Father, the Spirit of truth, which comes from the Father, he will bear witness of me; The Comforter knows the exact mind of God. A man and a woman can only give a man, a human being. We are supposed to be 100% the Word of God. Now, the Word of God is a seed, and every seed brings forth after its kind. So we have to manifest the nature of God.


Psalm 138: 1 in connection with Psalm 82: 1

The Lord our God wants to have sons. He does not take pickups but those who are born of God.

1 John 3: 9-10

There is a true birth which causes one to be born of God. You cannot understand the things of God if you do not have the nature of God. You cannot be born again if you were not in God. The restoration is for the children of God that is, to bring back to its original position. “In him God elected us before the foundation of the world, that we might be holy and blameless before him,” (Ephesians 1: 4) If we are born of God, we are of God. Mankind will return to dust, for they are taken from the dust, and the children of God to God who is Eternal. He has neither beginning nor end. We cannot become eternal! Either you are or you are not! We were in Him, the Lord. Satan can do whatever he wants, he can never hurt us. We can fall but we always get up. Repentance, God never tires of forgiving. Jesus entered the fold, not to come and get all the sheep, but only his lost sheep. We can only lose what we have. In the Old Testament there was only the Pillar of Fire, but in the New Testament God divided himself.

God wants fighters. When the crowd came to go into battle, God sorted it out. He led the crowd to the river, only those who lapped the water were chosen. A small herd but real warriors. God has a goal. He has chosen a people who bear his Name. It reminds us of the Garden of Eden. Eve was 100% Adam. There are a lot of Jesus but we have the Jesus of the Bible. If we are His and in Him, His nature must be manifested in us. Everyone who fought for God in the Old Testament was in Heaven, not in heaven. You leave with what you have. When Samuel ascended from Sheol, he came with his cloak. If you are a servant of God with a gift, you leave with this gift because it is yours ... The Lord calls his sheep. The voice that you heard and also the one that makes you who you are because it is the voice of God who created you. This voice reveals your nature, it reminds you who you are.

Luke 14:25 / John 17: 6

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. (John 6:44) We belong to God already before the foundation of the world. God wants to wake us up. God wants you to know who you are. In all your problems on earth, there is always a solution. Before the problem even came, God knew it. Everything is possible for those who believe. All things are possible for us. It is your unbelief that makes you lose control of the situation, but God has given you the weapon of faith to possess all things. Facing the red sea, the people of Israel were caught in a pincer movement. The red sea in front and the Egyptians behind, Moses just with a stick. The people rebelled against Moses. God had raised up Pharaoh for his Glory. Everything that God does and allows in your life is for your good. When it is like that, do not rebel against the Lord but seek the face of God so that He will grant you revelation. Count the blessings of God, has God ever forsaken you? As we grow up, your trial size grows too. If God acted, He will act again. God had already given Abraham a vision for what was to happen. In your ordeal, there is always something that must wake you up. The people had never walked to the Red Sea. Moses spoke, the sea opened. Where it was impossible for man, God has done it. In this sea, God had already drawn a path. When God's people arrive, nature must obey. “Now we know that to this day the whole creation sighs and suffers the pains of childbirth. (Romans 8:22) Nature obeys God: the wind, the sea, everything. Nothing is impossible with the Lord, you must know who you are. No matter how difficult, you have the answer on your knees. God answers prayer.

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