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So that my people be sanctified

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

When God declares something, He will surely accomplish it and we have to hold  it like our father Abraham held on to the promise of God. We ought to go back to the Pentecost.  The Lord is at work, bringing back His own, gathering His people together and transforming His children.

John 17 v 19-21: “And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they themselves also be sanctify in truth. Neither for these only do I pray, but for them also that believe on me through their word; that they may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us: that the world may believe that thou didst send me.”

We are not like others, for God has made us His Bride. The one that does not have the Spirit of Christ  does not belong to God. We cannot be in the presence of God without having His Spirit, this is why the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is necessary. God should transform us and take us in His hand. When you belong to the Body of Christ, you have to do something. There is a precise work for you. It is like when the arm moves, the hand and the fingers do also move. The whole body moves because the head commanded so. It is the same in the Body of Christ. We do not do what pleases us, but what pleases Him. All the promises God gave to Abraham, he also gave them to his offspring. So, every promise in the Bible is yours. This is why when we go to church, we are in our element. There is no need to beg us so we can come, because our heart is filled with joy. There is no other place where we can be the happiest if not in His house. We are glad to see our brothers and sisters, to pray together and fight together because we know that when the trumpet shall sound, we shall all go together in Glory.

There are circumstances God will allow in your life that He will not allow in someone else’s life because He can count on you. We usually ask the question why always me? Even the evil ones do succeed in all their ways…

Psalms 73; Malachi 3 v 113-18.

God is God, He does not have a vision like men. He  Himself is the wisdom and He knows everything. God really wants to bless you. The most important thing is to do what He asks of you. Once He has decided to bless you, just keep calm, have faith and you will see the thing come true. God is faithful, He shall give it to you. His love for us is perfect. We can love our husband, wife, children, parents,… but at some point they will leave us. But He, will remain till death. This is the reason why when we get baptized unto His name, we get identify to Him: it is a very huge act. Even those who served the Lord in the old testament did die. People forgot about them. But when Jesus came on earth, He even went to the death valley and then rose to heaven. He remembered them. He said “It is all accomplished” at the cross of Golgotha. Let us not be afraid, neither be in sorrow. He won and he has provided.

Never compare yourself to someone else, God knows you and works particularly and differently with everyone. You are different from others. The more you hold on unto the Lord, the more you will have trials. Trials are more precious than gold. God allows trials in your life because He trusts you. He is giving your testimony to people out there. When Jesus got tested on the cross, he asked so the people can be pardoned. This is impossible for men. The soldiers watching said that really must have been the Son of God. The same for Job, God allowed trials in his life because He trusted him. He allowed Satan to tempt him, but God knew Job’s condition, He already knew the end.

Satan tries to show you that you are the worst person because he does not want God to trust you. God gives us victory in every trial. No matter how big the trial, God already has the solution. He is Alpha and Omega. It is our faith that triumph over the world. In all these, we are more than conquerors. We do not serve God in vain “Delight thyself also in Jehovah; and He will give thee the desires of thy heart.”  Psalms 37 v 4.

What did Daniel do in captivity? He was taking care of the things of God but God allowed trials to test him in the kingdom. From someone that was unknown, he became a big personality in the kingdom. God always remembers us. God has plans to prosper each one of us. He acts at the right moment.