Israel and the peace?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 

We don't have to live like in Noah's time or Lot's time, but we must live in our time, Laodicean time. We have to be positioned in the things of God.

Question regarding the signing of an agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. When does it relate to the Holy Scriptures? Is it really a historic agreement that has an impact on God's plan?

The men say this is a historic moment, Mr. TRUMP welcomes it. The alliance has been signed which means that everyone wants peace. But this is historical compared to what? We are given a picture where there will be peace everywhere in the surrounding countries. We must consult the Holy Scriptures because it is about the program of God. He is the Alpha and the Omega. It is we who must announce to men the things that are historic. God won't do anything outside of the Word of God. Is this signature really historic? We had already been told this long ago with Egypt. When it comes to Israel, God had to speak with Daniel. We were shown Daniel's 70 weeks. It has been said that He will have no successor, He will be cut off.


Daniel 9: 23-27


It is indeed 69 weeks (7 + 62). The people of a leader are indeed Rome with Titus who destroyed Jerusalem. Various peoples have come to Israel, to Jerusalem, that is why you see mosques in Jerusalem. We have to see God's plan because we have a connection with Israel. If I see it starting to move, it's because the coming of the Lord is near. The country was divided, the Arabs got their hands on it because they wanted the country of Israel to disappear from the map. The strength of the Arabs is oil, and that same oil is the weakness of the United Nations. That’s why they are in control. These people were martyred by Hitler. These people are only blessed when they are in their territory, so milk and honey flow. When you are in the place that God wants for you, God blesses you. The promise was made to Abraham and Jeremiah. “He who scattered Israel will gather them together, and keep them as the shepherd keeps his flock. (Jeremiah 31:10) He is the God of Israel, He never forsakes Israel. Abraham is gone but God is watching over Abraham's seed. When you love God, He will take care of your seed. Do not cry but hold on to Him. We must enter into the seed of Abraham. God is perfect. When the Arabs took the country, they changed the name to Palestine so that the name of Israel was no longer mentioned. If any country can say here this is my territory, it is Israel. The Land of Israel is the creator who shaped and demarcated it. The Word of God is the title deed to the land of Israel. All the promises were made to Abraham and his seed, so it's for me. In the rapture, I have my place. God always wants there to be a testimony for God to show that He is ruling. We need these difficulties so that we can take flight to go higher. “That the test of your faith, more precious than perishable gold which however is tested by fire, may result in praise, glory and honor,” (1 Peter 1: 7) Hitler fierce on this people, why on this people? Because they are a people who belonged to God. When you want to conform to the Word of God, it becomes a problem for others. The Jews were without territory. Hatred of Jews began to be seen with the Dreyfus Affair (1894-1906). Alfred Dreyfus (October 9, 1859 - July 12, 1935) was an officer in the French army of the Jewish faith. He was the victim, in 1894, of a judicial machination which was at the origin of a major political crisis. He was righteous, but being a Jew he was falsely accused of betrayal. The hatred of the Jews was so strong that he was condemned without merit, simply for being a Jew. We didn't want him to be in high office in the military. He was then humiliated in front of the crowd. In this crowd there was a newspaper editor: Théodor Herzl (May 2, 1860 - July 3, 1904). As the Paris correspondent for the newspaper Die Neue Freie Presse, he has been following the Affair since the first trial of Dreyfus. It was at this time that he considered absolutely necessary the constitution of a "permanent shelter for the Jewish people", a thesis that he took up in his book The State of the Jews (Der Judenstaat), written in 1896. Then when Hitler acted, we saw that Israel really needed a place, a country. Following the Second World War, many Holocaust survivors sought to emigrate illegally from Europe to Palestine, then under British mandate. The British restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine in order to avoid tensions with the Arab populations. Exodus 1947 is a ship that smuggled Jews to Mandatory Palestine in 1947, but it was discovered. It was filled to the brim. He was supposed to dock in Israel but the Arabs refused.


This boat could not go to any country. There was no more to eat, nothing, but it started to touch the hearts of people all over the world. This is how the United Nations was seized. They sought so that this people could have a country. The negotiations started, that's where we started talking about sharing. The UN intervened. We started the votes to get everyone in agreement. The Arabs rose up to try to overthrow certain countries. They promised them oil and it worked. The Jews took the Bible and showed the leaders of the countries that this country is indeed the heritage of the people of Israel. This is how Israel returned to its country. So we gave them part of the country. The Kibbutz has started. The Jews brought their families back illegally, which strengthened their cohesion. They were given the part of the country where there were mosquitoes, disease, where there was nothing. But there, the country began to green again. When the British army left, the Arabs threw the British tanks into the sea so that Israel could not have them. But the people of Israel would go looking for them in the sea. They rebuilt the tanks, not only reassembled but made them better. The Jews had the best tanks. So all the Arab countries joined forces against Israel, but this little people came out to attack the Arab countries and the Arabs fled. It is a country that is still in the making. All the while, we put Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, but the capital is Jerusalem. But recently, Trump stepped out and came to announce Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. God made history. Israel cannot be Israel if there is not Jerusalem. As long as God has turned the eyes of Israel, He cannot work with Israel. We are strongly linked to Israel. We must understand how important we are in the sight of the Lord. “Simon told how God first looked at the nations to choose from among them a people to bear His name. (Acts 15:14) God turns to the nations because He seeks a people, not the nations but His own people. “For those whom he knew beforehand he also predestined to be like the image of His Son, that His Son might be the firstborn among many brethren. "(Romans 8:29)" For I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brethren, so that you do not regard yourselves as wise, it is because a part of Israel has fallen into hardness, until 'that all the Gentiles have entered. And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written, The Deliverer will come from Zion, and will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; (Romans 11: 25-26) We can clearly see God's plan. Jerusalem must be in the hands of Israel. They can sign peace agreements, but these are not historic agreements. Hatred of Arabs has nothing to do with the signature on paper. In the heart, it is always hatred. "When men say: Peace and safety! Then a sudden ruin will surprise them, as the pains of childbirth surprise a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. "(1 Thessalonians 5: 3).


Revelation 11: 1-2

"Jerusalem will be trampled underfoot by the nations" that is, the nations will always be at war over Jerusalem. So not all nations can be at peace with Israel. For Israel to be at peace with all, there must be a condition "until all the Gentiles have entered", that is, until the rapture. Then start the last week. The two witnesses will come and preach for three and a half years. Why ? So that the 144,000 in Israel will be called. After three and a half years, there will be another three and a half years of calamity in Israel. For this to happen, Israel must return to its condition as the land of God. And for that, God must be in Israel. Israel will be at peace with all nations during the Millennium. “You will never lack a successor to the throne of Israel. "(1 Kings 2: 4) The Messiah will come and sit on the throne. For there to be peace, the Prince of Peace must come. “And the Lord said unto me, Thou hast seen well; for I watch over my word to carry it out. (Jeremiah 1:12) The Lord has a program that He leads. And we are concerned with this people!

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