I will call them my people, which were not my people

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

God saved us and set us apart. “And my people will never be confused again (Joel 2:26). " We must be sure and certain that we are among His people, then the Lord will never be able to forsake us. God never forgets His own.

He is always present. “And the Lord said unto me, Thou hast seen well; for I watch over my word to carry it out (Jeremiah 1:12).” Our desire is for God to speak to us so that we can hold on to that Word even in the storm. “As he says in Hosea: I will call my people that which was not my people, and beloved that which was not the beloved; "(Romans 9:25) We must trust Him because He was not mistaken. Even if it seems impossible, we must believe that it is possible because God trusts in Him. He is the doer of the impossible. God does all things for a purpose, there is no accident. He could have destroyed Pharaoh but He had one thing to do to make His glory explode. "Who will say that something happens, Unless the Lord has ordered it?" (Lamentations 3:37) Nothing can escape Him. God has a mouth and He speaks, He has ears and He hears, He has eyes and He sees. Even before you were conceived, He already had His eyes on you. While this was moving within her, Rebecca consulted the Lord. She did not go to the doctor but consulted the Lord. The world is like that. “But when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth? (Luke 18: 8) She prayed and God revealed Himself. “And Jehovah said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two peoples shall be separated out of thy womb; one of these peoples will be stronger than the other, and the greater will be subject to the lesser. "(Genesis 25:23)


Romans 9: 11-29

In His foreknowledge, God had seen you before.


Acts 15: 1-5

The thought that Peter expressed, James went further to express it clearly to all. It is the thought of God. They wanted to bring the new converts, that is, the pagans, to the law. The Pharisees were those who were zealous for the law. When God sets us free, we want to put ourselves back under the law. They didn’t understand.


John 1: 11-17

In the Old Testament, when God came with a covenant, He presented Himself with the name of the covenant. In the New Testament He comes with the name of the new covenant, Jesus. This God of the Old Testament, when He wanted to save us, He became man. The Yahweh of the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New Testament. Grace Came Through Jesus Christ You were guilty but you were pardoned In the Old Testament, sin was covered but when Jesus came, sin was taken away. When God looks, He sees Christ. Satan can come to condemn you but God no longer sees your sin. “Who will accuse the elect of God? It is God who justifies! (Romans 8:33) Who could put the law into practice? No one. But Jesus took our place to redeem us. God found a ransom. We must be thankful to God. God was manifested in the flesh. He did this for you. It means that in the eyes of God, you are valuable. You cannot produce holiness or purity yourself.


John 1: 19-27

These men, if they knew the Scriptures, they should have understood that the Messiah was already here on earth. A servant of God does it not because others do it but because God told him to do it. You can ask God's servants what their calling is. When God calls you to ministry, He gives you direction. When you are a son of God, you must know your position. Who are you ? Where are you from ? God speaks in a spiritual way for spiritual people to understand.


 Acts 15: 4-5

They are the same ones found here. The religious spirit is very dangerous. “… Having the appearance of piety, but denying what makes it strong. Stay away from these men. (2 Timothy 3: 5) It was always the Pharisees who created the problems. They were the ones who brought Jesus to the cross. Never let yourself be struck with the spirit of Phareesism. They were seated with them but never changed. You can't put new wine in old wineskins, that's why you have to be born again. All things are becoming new. The religious spirit impels you by the acts you do to find yourself holy. They wanted to bring the new converts to the law.


Galatians 3: 1-25


“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. "(Romans 8:14)" And when he cometh, he will convince the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment: "(John 16: 8) The Lord has not left us alone, there has a guard. Grace is grace for the one who accepts it. We have only one enemy, and that is the demons. And demons own the bodies of men and women. The religious spirit to be manifested in need of a body. He makes you a religious, that is, an unbeliever. You see more of what God does. The law is to do something but here we are told simply by faith, that is, to believe. I don't know how to sanctify myself. “And I sanctify myself for them, that they too may be sanctified in the truth. (John 17:19) Why was He hanged on a tree? Christ died for us so that the Scriptures would be fulfilled. In Abraham's day there was no law but always by faith. The law came through Moses. The law was the shadow of what was to come as the Old Testament was the shadow of the New Testament. We can walk confidently because we have one who saved us, Jesus Christ. He is the mighty Conqueror. He has won all battles, we are never alone again.

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