A pleasant day for the Lord

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 

God anointed us to worship Him. “But the hour is coming, and it has already come, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for these are the worshipers that the Father requests. (John 4:23) God has spread the earth for man.

That’s why, don’t pay attention to those who say that there are aliens or that there is life on another planet: God cannot be wrong. Today’s fight is between the thought of man and the thought of God. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways, says the Lord. (Isaiah 55: 8) Our thoughts are limited to our level. God humbles himself and lowers himself to make you understand things. God has given you wisdom. A wise man cannot destroy his own house. Everyone abandoned Job, even his own wife asked him to deny God and die, but he said to him, "You speak like a foolish woman." (Job 2:10) We have something so wonderful and powerful, the demons know it. We never have a problem without a solution. To all your problems, there is already a solution. Peter and John were faced with an impossible situation. They were men, Jesus even said to Peter "behind me Satan". When you have a talent, put it to the service of God. God has given us something wonderful, the Word of God. For a believer, no matter how big our problems are. Never let a problem be above you. When the demon wants to scare you, you scare him even more. When you know what you have, you know how to act. No matter the size of the problem, be certain that God already has the solution because "All is accomplished" (John 19:30). God has already provided for everything. He gave us insurance. The more you pray, the stronger you become. The solution is still on its knees. When you pray, you feel the strength in you. Stop the discussions, the solution always comes to its knees.

Isaiah 58: 1-9

Be mistreated, insulted, do nothing, God takes care of him. We have to learn to fast. Fasting is very important for the believer, but fasting in the right way. God takes pleasure in fasting. When you are a son of God, you must know what is wrong with you. We are the people of God, we must have respect for one another. When you're a son of God and you know you've done something wrong, you want to put your life in order. Let us be sincere towards ourselves. We want to see our Savior face to face. This is our destination. In fact, fasting is a thirst that comes into the heart. Fasting is a fight, you don't give rest to your body. Fasting is a special time. As soon as you are hurt, you react. Anna, she was told that she was full of sweet wine, but she didn't budge. You sisters, God did it right. Fight in silence, God sees and responds. Even a bull, you can make it sweet. You have power. Wisdom is a force. We must always persevere in doing good and when you kneel down, hell trembles. When you do that and you fast, the devil will do anything to make you angry, to stop this fast. An evil spirit, you have to know how to fight it. When you start to fast, the demons are restless so beware.

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