Who among you is of His people? Part 1

Tuesday March 31st, 2020 

May our zeal for our God grow more and more. Satan's job is to give you fear when faced with situations so that you lose your zeal. But God allows us to be enlightened by light. "But at evening time, there shall be light. (Zechariah 14: 7) Before Him and after Him there is no God. He controls events, He is the Most High God. “Simon related how God first looked at the nations to choose from among them a people who bore his name. (Acts 15:14) The Lord watches over these people to this day. These people must have confidence because God has his eyes on them. Who is his people?

Ezra 1: 1

The prophet is a microphone. It’s God speaking through Jeremiah. "Thus saith the Lord" that means that no matter whether you believe it or not, it will happen. Jeremiah suffered a lot but he hung on because he knew it was the Lord who spoke.

Jeremiah 28

God could not do what Hananiah said because He cannot go against His Word. God shows us this so as not to pay attention to everything we hear. The children of God recognize the Voice of God. God cannot say something that is not in His Word.

John 1: 1-3

God does all things by His Word, that is, the expressed thought of God. The Bible is the written Word.

Hebrews 3: 7-10

God deals with believers. God never changes His Word, or the way He acts. The people were led by God for 40 years, they saw His Hand working. But if God has sworn, who can bring them to rest?

1 Corinthians 10: 1-5

They ate spiritual food, they had a special privilege. They had everything. You can look at the big churches, the pastors think that those are their souls. But God teaches us today that souls belong to the Lord. We are happy to have hundreds and thousands of souls but today because of this virus, the churches are empty. It is often said that if you believe in the "message" then you are part of the Bride, and therefore you will be taken. Some say bring the prophet into your home and then Jesus then you will be protected. But there is only one who can take you into heaven, who can open the door for you: He is Jesus Christ. The most important person will always be Jesus Christ. The 5 ministries were called by whom?

Colossians 1: 24-28

The call is to preach the Word of God. You cannot announce anyone other than Jesus Christ alone. All those who have received a ministry, it is God who sent them. The eagle and the vulture eat the same food, you gave them good meat. Will the vulture be changed to an eagle? Despite the good food, a vulture will remain a vulture and an eagle will remain an eagle. We can give everyone good food, but what matters is your nature. "Now without faith it is impossible to please Him. (Hebrews 11: 6) Faith works with obedience. When the spies visited the country, they saw what God had said "a country where milk and honey flows". God told them to take possession. But the problem started. They whispered because there were Anak's sons, but Joshua and Caleb did not tremble. They put their trust in God.