This promise is for you

Tuesday March 10, 2020 

Our God is not deaf to our prayers but it is us who must have confidence. If your heart belongs to the Lord then your paths are mapped out. God expects obedience and faith from you to make him comfortable in you. What pleases God is not in our intellectual capacity. "Yet it pleased Jehovah to bruise him; he hath put him to grief ..." (Isaiah 53:10). We cannot miss His return.

Acts 2: 37-40

When God announces something, He has to do it.

Acts 1: 4-9 / John 14: 12-17

From our conception we can expect something else, another comforter. But when you read, there is something that strikes you because when you read, there is another passage that comes back to you. This comforter must remain forever. Now, there is only one that is eternal.

John 14: 6-7

He wants us to be able to grasp what He wants. God always wants to awaken your spiritual side. The Pharisees thought they were spiritual but when they had God before them, they insulted Him. Always be very careful. They believed in Moses but Jesus being before Abraham. “Verily, verily, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am”. (John 8:58) It should have awakened something in them. In John 14 in verse 17, we are told of another comforter but we are told that we know him because He remains with us. Philip asked the question: "Lord, show us the Father, and that is enough for us. Jesus said to him, `` I have been with you for so long, and you have not known me, Philip! Whoever saw me saw the Father; how do you say: show us the Father? (John 14: 8-9) This is why Jesus insisted that they should stay in Jerusalem until the comforter had not yet come. As long as the carnal is there, God cannot act. What word could He have given?

1 Corinthians 2: 1-15

God has predestined glorious things for you, don't take your time with trivialities. Elisha understood, if he had not followed Elijah and had stayed with the sons of the prophets of Bethel, he would not have received the double portion. When God loves you, it’s the treasures of heaven. What a privilege! "Where the body is, there too the eagles will gather. (Luke 17:37) We love to be together. Even if your brother turns off the power, I turn the power back on. Why ?

1 Peter 1:22

The Grace of God is to give us an understanding of the things of God because God, by his Spirit, reveals all things to us. You have to be saved first to save others. You must have eternal life to communicate it to others. The spirit of man knows man, the Spirit of God knows God. When you have this Spirit in you, what happiness, what privilege. If the Spirit of God dwells in you, whatever God has done with Christ, He will do with you. God sets us apart. We have to move forward to get to the port where God wants it to do what He wants. I have no time to waste on anything else. The purpose for which God has called us is to have a pure heart. With the carnal, understanding is limited, one must enter the spiritual to grasp the spiritual language. It is not your body that needs food from the mouth of God but your inner being. When you come to church, you come to feed your soul. We need to eat the flesh to have life. Now the body of Christ is the Word of God. We have to be spiritual. When you are spiritual, there are no arguments. When you are spiritual, you receive the Word for yourself and you judge yourself, you no longer look at others.