God watches over His Word

Tuesday March 17th, 2020

God is omniscient and omnipotent. He is Almighty and nothing can surprise Him. He has everything under His control. Men thought they were strong and powerful but faced with this virus, we see that man is nothing. Man’s pride goes up and he thinks he’s self-sufficient. Currently, the world is afraid because it thinks of death. The riches give us the impression that we will live on this Earth forever, but in these moments, we understand that death will come. God has authority over all things.

“For he says, and the thing happens; He orders, and it exists. (Psalm 33: 9) When God says something, no matter if man believes it or not, it happens. His Word has an effect. "What do you see, Jeremiah? I replied: I see an almond branch. And the Lord said to me, You have seen well; for I watch over my word to execute it. (Jeremiah 1: 11-12) God only trusts on His Word. Man does not want to obey the Word of God. God watches over his own Word because He knows his Word can never fail. “Let the waters produce abundant living animals, and let birds fly over the earth toward the expanse of the sky. "(Genesis 1:20) He was sure and certain that the Word would come to pass as in his mind. “His name is the Word of God. (Revelation 19:13) He is Faithful. God always wanted the man He created to be able to believe and hold on to his Word. Each seed produced according to its species. Every seed that God makes is good. Everything He says is for the good of man.

Matthew 4: 43-48

We are called to have the nature of God. God is our Father, that is to say we are truly born and begotten of Him. When we speak of Father, we refer to God. Those who are of God are the Word of God. What He says is certain. His Word is Faithful, it will always come true despite the circumstances.

2 Timothy 4: 1-3

In all circumstances, it has to be just the Word of God. People believe that the Word of God is obsolete.

2 Peter 3: 1-7

“After having spoken to our fathers by the prophets on several occasions and in several ways, God has lately spoken to us through the Son. (Hebrews 1: 1-2) We realize the greatness of God through his creation. He just spoke and the Earth was created. Even if you doubt, God does what He says. God does His own will because He is the Creator God. When the government makes a decision, we submit. Even more so, when God says something, we must submit to His will. You can refuse God, God doesn’t care. He is certain of His Word. He said the virgin shall conceive, that was impossible but 800 years later, God fulfilled his Word. God doesn't care about your consideration by the Word but He cares about his Word. His concern is what He said. We have to understand this because it is very important. The Word obeys what God says, It acts according to the will of God: It cannot fail. God does not trust a man but his Word. When man was created, that is to say Adam, he was obedient. He was not arguing the Word of God. Our walk must change because tomorrow the world will be different. The man is stubborn, even when you hit him, he cries and then he comes back to the same thing. But the child of God is different. God wants to straighten us, the trial is more precious to us than perishable gold. When Adam was in this condition, God took pleasure in him. He came down and He had fellowship with him. Adam was god on Earth. Sin did not start on Earth but up there. When we say "Wherever the sole of your foot treads, I give it to you" (Joshua 1: 3), then you must stand up for it. Action is needed. Gideon was to go and take the territory with the people. But not everyone was going to go, God showed him which ones to take. He asked them to drink water from the river. He had to choose only those who lapped the water. God put you through the ordeal to see how you react. By the test, we see your true character.