Be strong in the Lord

"We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) Even death!

God cannot plan for unhappiness in your life. God has plans for your happiness. God will not be able to leave you in deep sadness because God sends you the Word at the right time to strengthen you. We do not trust in man, in the doctor, but in God alone.

The Word descends into our interior, probes and acts where we need it. God knows the appropriate Word to comfort your interior. When we have God, we have everything.

Mary and Martha did not know the grace they had to have this Jesus in their home and to stand there at His feet. They did not know what would happen next. Lazarus dies, Jesus does not come right away. The situation gets worse. Jesus came at a time when there was no hope. This is an experience for us. Nobody could imagine what Jesus could do when Lazarus was already in the tomb. But this is the reward for what they had done for Jesus. Every thing you do for God, God will reward you.

Satan wants to block the blessings, but God wants to bless you. "Prove me now herewith" says the Lord of hosts. And you shall see whether I will not open for you the floodgates of heaven, And pour out upon you blessing in abundance." (Malachi 3:10) When God sent Elijah to the widow of Zarephath, she had nothing. But Elijah asked her to make a cake first. She obeyed the man of God. When Elijah had eaten, he said to the woman, "The flour that is in the pot shall not fail, nor the oil that is in the pitcher diminish, until the day the Lord sends rain upon the face of the ground." (1 Kings 17:14) This is what God wants for you.

When they saw Jesus coming, hope came. "Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. (John 11:21) She never expected the Master's answer, "Your brother will rise again." (John 11:23) In deep despair, God gives you something to hold onto. "I am the resurrection and the life." (John 11: 25) A Christian who believes in Him can never die. Death is for the heathen. The Christian does not die, but sleeps. "Lazarus, our friend, sleeps; but I will wake him up. (John 11:11)

John 11:1-14

When He said that Lazarus was sleeping, no one came to tell Him that Lazarus was dead. We must always listen to the Word carefully. He tells the disciples that Lazarus is dead, but how did he know? Trust in Him. He knows what will happen to you, He knows all things. "And my righteous shall live by faith" (Hebrews 10:38)

John 1:21-23

Martha was not with the disciples. The disciples were humans. You hear but you when you are faced with a difficult situation, you are helpless. God is able. We must be spiritual. "Watch therefore and pray at all times" (Luke 21:36) Prayer is very important for the believer. The more you grow in spirituality, the more you dominate over situations. "He (the righteous) shall not fear evil tidings; his heart shall be steadfast, trusting in the LORD." (Psalm 112:7) We must be fighters. The devil does not rest.

Ephesians 6:10-19

The Word of God is a shield. As long as we stand on the Word of God, God protects us. When you are sons of God, do not be afraid of sorcerers. It is they who should be afraid of you.

When you love someone, you have the desire to have them with you all the time. When God says something, He will really do it. Faith is a shield. Let's use our time to be more in communion with God.

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