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Count on Him alone

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

God supports us, He strengthens us. When we love God, everything works together for our good. We can collect all possible things in this earth like money, goods, but at a certain time you must go. We came naked unto this world, so we  will leave it naked. We were in the world but God took us out of it. Our nature changed. Our way of thinking, living, is not the same as this world. Death attacks us as anyone but we do not react to it the same way.  Why is it that when we pray for your healing with laying of hands or with anointed oil you run to seek a doctor to attest your healing? We do not need this. What we need is faith.

When Jesus was praying for the sick, He was saying your faith has healed you, He never said go and see a doctor. In whom do you have faith? In the doctor or in God? Even if the doctor says the contrary, I know I am healed because I put my faith into action. Abraham did not listen to his doctor or looked at his aged body but against hope he believed in hope. He kept his faith all those years and he saw the promise. Our medicine is the word of God, by His stripes we are healed. We ought to be true sons and daughters of God. Even if I should die in faith, I shall die in faith. It is not my business, but the Lord’s. Like the Shunamite lady when her child died, she did not run to the doctors but to the man of God with faith. She really had faith, to the point she told her husband everything was alright. The doctor will always see the disease but your faith will make it disappear.

When you have total confidence in God, He can even raise a whole army for you, He can even change men’s laws just for you. God is great and all powerful. He cannot change, He will act. Keep confidence in your God. It is our faith in Him which makes us what we are. We do not pray the God of failure but the God of victory. With Him, we shall never go weary. Our Father said we shall have tribulations but we already overcame them.