Trust in the LORD

Many give themselves to the Lord with some hope, but God gives assurance of salvation to His children. When God's people came out of Egypt, there were two categories: those who hoped to go to Canaan, and those who were certain to reach the goal. They were certain that God would be faithful to His promise. If we fail in this time, it is sad.


After all that you have seen, all the examples that have been given to you. We are at the end of all things, so we must be perfect. We have one mirror which is the Holy Scriptures, one way which is Jesus Christ. The enemy will always come to take you out of the way, but you remain attached to that way.

When Jesus was on earth, He had assurance. Religious people spoke of God but without certainty. Even when they were in the presence of God, they did not recognize Him. They had the knowledge but they did not have the depth. You can't be a son of God and not know God! Nathanael recognized Jesus but the Pharisees called Him Beelzebub. The Samaritan woman also recognized Him. We are truly in the last Age. It is the most difficult Age. To you, it doesn't seem difficult because it's spiritual warfare. It is seduction. Would God be unable? Before the Red Sea, God opened the sea. For a child of God, trials always bring us closer to God. When you go through it, you always lament.

1 Peter 1:3-7

We have an inheritance reserved for us in heaven. When you know this why take your time with what is on earth? As a child of God, it is always your faith that is tested. "The righteous shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17) All the days of your life, your faith will be tested. We are human and carnal, but God is spiritual. To endure all these things, you must leave the carnal for the spiritual. That is why it is necessary to be born again. As long as you remain carnal, you will always be in trouble. God's way of doing things is always in opposition to our carnal conception. God says to a man of God, "Go and take the prostitute. Love her and have children." Humanly speaking, we can't accept that. This man did this because God has a particular way of doing things. We have to bring God to our human reasoning. God wants you to do what He says. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord." (Isaiah 55:8) Be careful with your "God has revealed to me" God cannot reveal something contrary to Scripture. We owe God respect. Is what I think is really what God says? What does the Scripture say? When you receive something, you must relate it to the Scriptures! Be careful with your thoughts. You have something against a brother and the thought comes into you then God revealed. But it is not like that. For God to reveal you, you have to be spiritual. God is not going to reveal you so that you make war on your brother. Your "self" still dominates. We must die to ourselves. When you are buried with Him, then it is no longer me that lives but Christ. God will allow such hard things in your life to see what your reaction will be? God cannot use us because we are not dead. There is no one who has been forced to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have accepted Him with all your heart, you must also accept the consequences of that choice. When you accept Christ, Satan will make war on you. You must trust God in every moment of your life: in joy as well as in the darkest moments. Even when you don't feel anything, you trust Him because He is with you. God will never abandon you. God will size you up.

We will be judged by the Word. No one on this earth can say I have never heard of Jesus. God gave us the Word to be taught. The Bible teaches us that God made the promise to a man. This man who was like you and me, he did not wait a day or a week but 25 years. He never rebelled against God as his body aged. Abraham never complained. "Hoping against hope" (Romans 4:18) What are you going to tell God? It is in the trial that your nature is seen. "Man is born to suffer, Like a spark to fly. (Job 5:7) You, Christian, if you choose to live for Christ, Satan will want you dead. You choose God, Satan chooses you as a target. When someone hurts you, always do good in return. Job had done nothing wrong, he served his God every day. Satan came so that Job could curse God. Job did not know this. "Despised and forsaken by men, a man of sorrows and accustomed to suffering" (Isaiah 53:3). So what can you expect?

When the enemy comes and you know why this is happening, then you know where you stand. Stand firm in your faith. You will go alone in the coffin, so fight for your faith! First I live for God and then I live for others. When you are upright and have done the right thing, why do you have to justify yourself? It is useless. The person has the evil in his heart, you tire yourself for nothing. Let God justify you. Lord, I place my fate in your hands.

Psalm 37:1-4

Take care of God and He will take care of you!

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