The righteous

Thursday December 19th, 2019 


God wants us to reach perfect unity. When one of us is weaker, then we support him. We let God act in everyone according to the latitude He wants. He acts as He wants, when He wants. We expect Him. We are always in a hurry, but that’s not the way God works. He could create the earth in one day but He made it in seven days. God is the One who spread the time, He is the Alpha and the Omega. It was He who established time by saying, "In the beginning" (Genesis 1: 1).

The time has nothing to do with God. We owe him a lot of respect. Nothing is impossible for Him. Why do we have to hold Him to account? If I am standing, it is not by myself but by His Grace. We want to be perfect as He is perfect. He came to Abraham to set an example for us. We no longer do our will but we want to do what He wants: it is the fear of God. We want to have respect for this God because He chose us. He turned His eyes on you. We have everything fully in Jesus Christ, so we go forward like heirs. We have all things. As long as the testamentary is not dead then we cannot have the inheritance. But He died on the cross then we have. “The sufferings of the present cannot be compared to the glory to come that will be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18) We must know God. Paul even desired to be anathema to his brothers because he was saddened that they did not see the things of God. It’s the same today. We take God for our servant, we demand things when we are in a bad age where there is mixing. “I was young, I aged; And I have not seen the just abandoned, Nor his posterity begging for his bread. (Psalm 37:25) You, be fair, that is all that matters to you. The most important thing for you and your posterity is to be fair to God. Even if you leave, by your faith and your love of the Word of God, God takes care of your posterity. We can still see it with Israel, until today, God is watching. When He speaks of the righteous, it is to believe in Him and not the application of the law.

Acts 13: 23-25

It was not the Romans who wanted to crucify Jesus but it was the religious of the time. Psalm 40: 6-7 “You desire neither sacrifice nor offering, You have opened my ears; You are not asking for a burnt offering or an expiatory victim. So I say: Behold, I come in the scroll of the book written of me. All of these things happened in order to fulfill the Word of the prophets. When you have accepted this Jesus of the Bible in your heart then everything can move around you but you, you will always remain firm. You have a power but you have to use it according to the Word of God. When we receive Jesus as our personal Savior, then we understand that this Jesus is in the image of this invisible God. In Him is all the fullness of God. When God is watching over you, the ordeal can be the greatest, never tremble. Look at Jonah. Jonah on the boat knew he was the problem. He just said, "Throw me overboard." He knew that God was watching over him, he feared nothing.