The glory of God

List of prophecies announced on this day:

-My people, my people, you ask yourself the question and you say to yourself, "How do I overcome the trials?" My love dwells in you. I have poured my love into you. This is what triumphs, this is a shield. I am happy, proud of you my people. My love dwells in you. This love is a shield. Continue to love each other, this is your strength.

-I am here, I am present in your midst. I am the one who arouses Love, I am the one who acts in you. I am there, see. I deliver. See, it is true, I am here.

-My servant, look since the morning, I the Eternal, I brought you my children. I have brought them here so that he can have the solution. You are going to go before them with the stick that is in your hand. Today, you will give them the solution. I, the Lord, have brought them here. They have asked you questions "How did the Lord carry us today? My angel walked through your houses and He carried you here because I saw many problems.

-My servant is not the problem, you are not listening to what he is telling you. You do not listen. I have always spoken. My action has always been powerful in this place but you do not listen, you do not obey. If you obey, your lives would be changed. Obey. My servant is not the problem.

-Open your heart to your God. I am the same. What I do from ancient times, I still do today. Open your heart to your Savior. I walk with you wherever you are. Open your heart to your Savior. I am here for you, for your family. Why do you wonder? I am God. I do great things in heaven and on earth. Open your heart to your Savior. He is here. I am always here, I am standing here.

-People, be at peace.

-Praise God, glorify Him. Stop lamenting. Praise Him, glorify Him, lift Him up. Praise the Living God, praise the Almighty God. The Most High God, the Mighty Victor. Stop your lamentations. Praise God.

Today you can be witnesses that He is alive and present. So why doubt, you have realized that He is Alive. He has the ability to change the course of history. Let us have fear and respect. God has used everyone, He has passed among everyone. Everyone has been shaken. Things must change. God is still working. You do not pray to a dead god but to the God who is alive. This year is a year of blessings. We are living it. Be at peace, don't be afraid of any news. When you walk out of this place, walk out with this Jesus. Walk as daughters and sons of the Living God. "Every weapon that is forged against you will be of no avail" (Isaiah 54:17).

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